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Rosalind Radcliffe
Distinguished Engineer, Chief Architect for CLM and DevOps, Member of the Academy of Technology, IBM

Rosalind is a member of the IBM Academy of Technology and the Academy Leadership team. In her over 30 years in IBM she has worked in many areas in development, test, services, and sales and distribution. She has held responsibilities for: IBM’s SOA Management strategy, Architecture for ITCAM for SOA, User Interface design including standardization across the industry, Services for systems management, and ISPF Development.

Brad Micklea
VP and GM, Developer Tools, Program and Evangelism at Red Hat

Brad Micklea is VP of Developer Tools, Program and Advocacy at Red Hat. He joined Red Hat when Codenvy, the company he co-ran, was acquired in 2017. Brad has spent over 15 years in product leadership roles for tools that help developers and administrators. He has spoken at numerous industry events including JavaOne, Devoxx and Red Hat Summit.

Mike Fulton
Distinguished Engineer, CTO Enterprise DevOps, IBM

Mike is an IBM Distinguished Engineer and Master Inventor, focused on DevOps infrastructure. He leads a portfolio of products centered around development and test tools for IBM’s Enterprise Systems, primarily z/OS.
His background is in software close to the metal, spanning all aspects of compilers, debuggers, profilers, and development environments for C, C++, Java, COBOL and PL/I. He has a deep understanding of IBM’s key hardware, operating systems and middleware.
Among other roles, he led the C/C++ compiler team for z/OS, the architect for WebSphere Real Time (a Java Virtual Machine running with maximum delays below 1ms), technical lead for the z/Linux and z/OS Java JIT, technical lead for System z and AIX hardware profilers, and chief architect for Rational Developer for Power.
He has been involved in Open Source initiatives throughout the years with his work on Java and most recently on Zowe, which offers modern, open, interfaces to the mainframe.

Priya Doty
Vice President, Product Marketing, IBM Z & LinuxONE, IBM Systems

A new IBMer, Priya was most recently at CA Technologies, where she was a Senior Director Solutions Marketing and a key marketing driver of the transformation for their mainframe business. Prior to this, she was a VP-Global Consulting Partner at Ogilvy Consulting, where she spent two years with Samsung to position B2C products towards B2B solutions, and led the marketing strategy and digital demand generation for UPS My Choice, winning an ECHO direct marketing award. Earlier in her career, she built the marketing portfolio function to align capital spend to strategy at Verizon across three business units, set up the first Thomson Reuters finance call center operation in Bangalore, India, and was an e-commerce and Oracle developer at Deloitte Consulting. She holds an MBA from MIT Sloan and a BA Economics, from Northwestern University. She currently serves as the Executive Director of the Marketing Hall of Fame, an annual event sponsored by the New York American Marketing Association.

Stephanie Warner
Head of SEU and Modeling, Fiducia & GAD IT AG

Stephanie Warner is Head of Software Development Environment and Modeling at Fiducia & GAD IT AG. She has long term experience in application development. Stephanie joined GAD in 1986 and was one of the architects of the “software development environment.” Her particular focus is on supporting the development of high quality banking software in a way, which is very cost-effective and efficient.

Bob Reselman
Independent Developer, Industry Analyst, Technical Educator, Technology Journal & Writer

Bob Reselman is a nationally-known software developer, system architect and technical writer/journalist. Bob has written four books on computer programming and dozens of articles about topics related to DevOps, software development technologies and techniques, as well as the culture of software development.
Bob is an ongoing to contributor to DevOps.com covering emerging technologies at the Enterprise level as well as industry trends and follies. He’s achieved recognition for his unique and creative insights about technology in terms of both commercial and cultural perspectives.

Bob was Platform Architect with the computer manufacturer, Gateway. Also, he was a Principal Consultant with the Cap Gemini and CTO with the ITFEx, a company dedicated to providing tools and services for the International Trade Finance.
Today Bob lives in Los Angeles. In addition to his work on in a variety of aspects of software development and DevOps, Bob is working on a book about the impact of automation on human employment.

Keith Wilson
Principal Technical Architect, USAA

Keith has served in several technical leadership roles for designing and implementing enterprise-level solutions that integrate business applications at USAA. These solutions have supported the digital experience of the USAA membership and Service Representatives experience through multiple digital channels. Keith has been a vanguard for evangelizing innovation and modernization efforts for critical mainframe applications and practices by influencing vendor roadmaps and speaking at conferences. Achievements include guest speaker at various technology conferences including 5 times in the last 3 years at IBM and SHARE conferences, recipient of the “2019 Best of the Best Session Award” at the SHARE Pittsburgh conference, interviewed and published in the January 2018 issue of IBM Systems Magazine, and will be speaking at the fall “2019 Z Design Council”. Currently, Keith leads/owns the architecture and direction responsible for the delivery of infrastructure, best practices and solutions (including DevOps) for business applications running on the System Z platform.

Todd Zook
Software Developer & Integrator Lead, USAA

Todd has 30 years IT application development experience with 10 years supporting a home grown Host SCM Tool for mainframe developers. For the last two years, Todd has been developing pipeline infrastructures for both z/OS Connect API development and mainframe Java applications. Todd has been participating in the IBM RDz/IDz/DevOps conferences over the last seven years and most recently attended the North American DevOps for Z User Group in North Carolina. Currently, Todd is a Lead over the zCICD team responsible for building Pipeline infrastructures for mainframe application developers.

Mark Sokoloski
Sr. Software Engineer at Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.

A mainframe application development dinosaur, with decades of COBOL, Assembler, CICS and DB2, etc. experience in IBM environments. Responsible for bringing RDz into Ameriprise in 2014 and am the primary advocate and coordinator for adoption, upgrades, customization and support. I am currently involved in a variety of projects related to mainframe DevOps, modernization, evaluation of tools and adoption.

Suman Gopinath
Architect, DevOps for Z, IBM Systems

Suman is an Architect with IBM Z DevOps team. She was working in the mainframe Application development space for over 15 years. Suman’s responsibility is to help customers with their DevOps journey in the mainframe space, build solutions to help create an End to End pipeline. She is also the architect for Testing on the mainframe.

Per Kroll
Director, Management and Operations Analytics, IBM Z

Per Kroll is Director of IBM Z Management and Ops Analytics solution and development of the next generation of cloud-native developer experience. Per leads IBM’s effort related to the Zowe open source framework, aimed at improving the user experience of all developers, operators and administrators on IBM Z. Per is passionate about helping organizations improve how they develop and manage software, and has authored more than 30 articles and 2 books, sold in more than 30,000 copies and translated to 6 languages.

Nathan Dotson
System Z Microprocessor Development – Senior Manager, IBM

Nathan Dotson is a senior IBM Z Offering Manager for Hybrid Cloud. His primary focus is on setting the strategy and messaging for Cloud on the IBM Z platform, and providing platform capabilities for cloud which solve the problems clients are facing as they drive to IT agility.

Gatien Dupre
Z DevOps Program Manager – Societe Generale

With a rich experience (on Mainframe and distributed system), I have to heart to infuse a dynamic innovation in an IT system and heart to bring my expertise in developing innovative IT solutions that combine performance and reliabilities . 
I am more passionate about the management and organization that I work for over 10 years. This allows me to get success in driving IT transformation project. 
Good communicator, I have been for over 7 years transverse positions in the interface between different actors (business and technical) in charge of IT development.

Simon Jennings
Business Development manager,  IBM

Simon has been involved in mainframe application modernization for 12 years and has worked closely with DXC to bring the combined solution to completion. He now works with IBM’s System Z ISVs, helping both z/OS and LinuxOne application partners.

Arun Sharma
Product Manager Core Banking, DXC

Arun has been working in the Banking industry for more than 25 years and has been associated with DXCs Core Banking applications for 18 years. He has a rich background of Product, Program and Project management and currently focuses on building key capabilities, best practices and bringing efficiencies in banking applications modernization.

Amit Tolmare
Principal Product Manager, IBM Systems

Amit Tolmare joined IBM in 2004 after completing a Master’s degree in Computer Science and since then has also achieved a MBA degree. He has taken various leadership and management roles in the Software Development and Product Management spectrum at IBM. His past experiences vary in several different areas of IBM from Content Management, Data & AI to IBM Systems. He has worked with several large clients as their lab advocate and has been a champion for client success. As the Offering Manager in Enterprise DevOps for Z, he is responsible for driving IBM’s strategy, vision and client engagement for a wide variety of integrated capabilities, specifically in the area of cloud native developer experience and Enterprise Modernization.

Francois Dumont
Offering Manager, IBM Systems

François has been a product manager at IBM since 2010 after three years of consulting in the field of application development cycle management.
He has been involved in the migration of a dozen major clients from VisualAge Pacbase to IBM Developer for System Z, Rational Team Concert and Rational Programming Patterns. Since 2017, François is more specifically in charge of some key products of the DevOps portfolio on Z such as IBM Dependency Based Build and Z Open Development and works with major Z clients on the migration to Git.

Roland Koo
Program Director, Offering Management and Strategy, IBM Systems

Roland is responsible for C/C++, PL/I, COBOL and Automatic Binary Optimizer on IBM Z. He is based in Toronto, Canada and has been with IBM for 26 years. Prior to his current position, Roland was the manager of the Compiler optimization team. He has also held a number of leadership positions in the compiler area, including product planning, compiler front end development, testing, and managing compiler research activities with University partners and IBM research at IBM Center for Advanced Studies.

Chris Walker
Senior Offering Manager, IBM Systems

Chris Walker is a Senior Offering Manager with IBM based in North Carolina, USA. He has been with IBM for nearly 18 years, covering roles in software development, testing and product management. He is now responsible for the coordinating strategic direction for several offerings within the IBM Z operational analytics portfolio.

Korinne Alpers
Offering Manager,IBM Systems

Korinne Alpers is the Offering Manager for Automated Testing in IBM Z DevOps. She currently works as the OM for IBM Z Open Unit Test (ZUnit) and runs the Unit Testing on Z Sponsor User Program. She’s spoken at past events such as Share, Think, and TechUniversity.

Bryan Tang
Offering Manager, Z Development & Test

Bryan Tang,is the product owner of the IBM Z Development and Test Environment product. Over the past 15 years, he has been involved in various business domains in the software industry: development, business operation, and product management, with noted successes in analyzing, eliciting and documenting requirements from the Stakeholders and leading the group to deliver the value to the customers.

Ulrich Hild
Senior Engineer IBM Z Software

Ulrich Hild is a senior engineer at IBM where he is responsible for delivering systems management and automation solutions. Through his career he has been working in core operating systems development for the System Z platform as well as Systems Management and Hybrid Cloud technology solutions. Focus areas of his work include I/O and dispatching optimization, Workload Management, Public and Hybrid Cloud management solutions.

Bill Alexander
Senior Software Engineer, IBM Systems

Bill Alexander has over 25 years of experience in mainframe application development. Before joining IBM, Bill developed and supported COBOL batch and CICS applications for MetLife and Bank of America. Since joining IBM he has been involved in the design and development of various middleware and tooling products. Currently Bill is an Architect on the DevOps for Enterprise Systems team with primary focus on IBM Developer for z/OS. Bill holds multiple patents and can often be found presenting at various conferences regarding methods to increase the productivity of mainframe application developers.

Senthil Nathan
Architect, UCDz, HCL Technologies

Senthil Nathan has 15+ years of experience in Mainframe application development / application optimization / infrastructure management. More recently his area of focus has been to bring in the DevOps practices in the distributed world to Mainframe teams. “Z is no different” is his mantra.

Domenico D’Alterio
Offering Manager, IBM Z Automation

Domenico D’Alterio is the IBM Offering Manager focused on IBM Z Automation and Scheduling products. He is responsible for product strategy and direction as well as market success of IBM Z System Automation, IBM Z NetView, IBM Service Management Unite, IBM Z Service Automation Suite, IBM Service Management Suite and IBM Z Workload Scheduler offerings.

Prior to his current role, Domenico covered different managerial positions in IBM Development and Customer support organization as well as the role of Offering Manager of Z Analytics products, Domenico joined IBM in 1999. Starting as designer, moved to a managerial role in 2006, acting as Development and Customer Support manager in the former Tivoli division of IBM. He graduated in Electronic Engineering, in Italy.

Tim Willging
Distinguished Engineer, Database Tools Architect & Strategist, Rocket Software

Database Architect and Strategist Tim Willging joined the Rocket Software team in 2005 and was named a distinguished engineer in 2015. With over 25 years developing enterprise software tools, Tim has architected and authored several database products focusing on backup and recovery, cloning, administration, monitoring and change management. He has recently been focusing on solutions for advanced analytics on z/OS. He is currently based in Chicago, and is an alumnus of Northern Illinois University with an emphasis in theoretical computing.